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This piece has excellent color balance and amazing technique! I had thought this was a digital piece at first glance because you made the colors seem almost transparent. I especially appreciate the softness and natural feel of the hands and feet. The only part I would work on would be the guy's expression. Right now it's not telling me anything. I feel like this would have been more interesting if you told me how I should feel through his face. I'm not sure if the guy's angry, sad, bewildered, happy, in awe, uncomfortable, ect. But I think the way you painted the hands, feet, and gesture of the body makes up for the lack of emotion in the face. From that I can tell I should feel relaxed and composed. I definitely think you can change it up in the face even now with just a few minor adjustments.

And a question, is this a self portrait by any chance?
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MissAllyJayne Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I feel like his expression is that he is in deep thought about the paintings he has done which is why the fairies have come to life.. Kind of like his painting have become so real to him and he has put so much thought into them that his paintings have come alive to him. I like the expression and the rest you said about the photo I agree with.
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